Calculate and Pay Your Business Zakat Online

Making a business Zakat payment online is very easy, especially when we are encouraged to stay at home and not leave without any important purposes.

This is a time when the whole world is plagued with the COVID-19 infection that can spread rapidly through contact or droplets of water, hence it is best to sit at home except for really important matters. For traders or entrepreneurs, this means changing the company’s operations to be more digital-based and delivering direct-to-home delivery. At the same time, there is another digital revolution in the life of a business owner, namely, fulfilling his or her duties as an Islamic entrepreneur and paying business Zakat online.

Fast And Efficient Online Business Zakat Payments

If you do any kind of business, whether selling goods, offering services, producing raw materials and so on, the business income is subject to Zakat on certain conditions. Basically, business owners are obliged to pay a zakat rate of 2.5% or 1/40 of the value of all goods sold or services charged on a reasonable date.

Among the arguments that obligate Zakat to be paid for business revenue are the Words of Allah from the surah Al-Baqara, verse 267: –

“O you who have believed, spend from the good things which you have earned and from that which We have produced for you from the earth. And do not aim toward the defective therefrom, spending [from that] while you would not take it [yourself] except with closed eyes. And know that Allah is Free of need and Praiseworthy.” (Sahih International)

For the busy entrepreneur, paying your business Zakat online is quick and easy, and you can even see how much zakat you have to pay, as it is calculated using a Zakat calculator. Following that, you can straightaway pay the amount with one click. For more information, you can try using the Business Zakat Calculator at to understand the calculations.

Zakat Payment Requirements

So what are the requirements for a business owner to pay Zakat on Business Income? It is actually similar to the other zakat categories, as follows: –

  1. Muslim
  2. Wholly owned assets 
  3. Free from being owned or conquered by other people
  4. Completed period of “haul” (usually a year)
  5. Reaches the “nisab” requirements (fluctuating with the market price of gold)


Therefore, if you are a Muslim business owner, make sure you pay Zakat on your business to cleanse your income while helping the ummah, especially those who will receive the proceeds from your Zakat payment.


To see how the zakat will be calculated based on your current assets or assets compared to your liabilities, click to use the Business Zakat Calculator before fulfilling your obligation to pay Zakat on this year’s business.

Calculate Zakat On Businesss


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